Want McConaughey abs? You don't need a ton of muscle—you need low body fat. That’s what abs are all about. The good news is you don’t have to get too hung up on a million crunches. And you don’t even need an ab rocker, an ab roller, weights, a situp bench, or even a stability ball. Just follow what I call the “Big Six” exercises.

  • An explosive exercise, like jumping jacks or prisoner squat jumps or burpees
  • A squatting motion, like body-weight squats or prisoner squats
  • A pushing exercise, like a regular pushup or a Spider-Man pushup
  • A pulling exercise, like overhand grip pullups. (Now, obviously this requires a pullup bar. Skip this step if you want to keep this a strictly body-weight circuit, and hit your upper back on another training day.)
  • A single-leg exercise, like a prisoner lunge or single-leg squat
  • A total-body ab exercise, like a plank, side plank, mountain climber, or cross-body mountain climber

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That’s your circuit. As a bonus, I've thrown in a burpee gauntlet lower-body challenge to accelerate your fat loss. Of course, you still need to watch your diet, because you can't "out-train" a bad diet. So stick with whole, natural foods, protein and fiber, fruits and vegetables, and nuts. So there you have it: six-pack abs with body-weight training and the right diet.

Craig Ballantyne is well-known fitness expert and creator of Turbulence Training – a popular high-intensity weight loss system. For more on Craig, visit TurbulenceTrainingFanpage.com.