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VIDEO: 14-Minute Body-Weight Workout

Missing a workout sucks. It can throw off your entire program, and sometimes even leave you feeling weird. It's not the end of the world to skip, but it's just so much better when you don't. This 14-minute workout from Luis Tejada of FOCUS NYC is the perfect quick fix. You're in and out with a nice pump, and still feel like you got something done.

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Warm-Up x 2 Rounds
Jumping Jacks x 20
Squats x 15
Pushups x 10
Walk-Outs x 5
High Knees x 30 secs

Circuit 1 (4 mins)
Burpees x 20 secs
Squat Holds x 10 secs
Pushups x 20 secs
Squat Holds x 10 secs
*Repeat without rest for 4 mins
**Rest 60 secs, then start next circuit:

Circuit 2 (4 mins)
Jump Squats x 20 secs
Plank x 40 secs
Jumping Split Squats x 40 secs
Mountain Climbers x 20 secs
*Repeat without rest for 4 mins

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