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VIDEO: Sculpt Broad Shoulders Using Body Weight

Now that summer has (sadly) come to an end, it's time to redirect your attention from "T-shirt muscles" to broad shoulders. While ripped abs and biceps turn heads at the beach, they won't do you much good during sweater weather. That's where your shoulders come in, since they arguably do more than any other muscles to bolster your physical presence during the fall. This body-weight workout is not only safer for your shoulders than free weight-training, it can be done just about anywhere.

Use this program in place of your normal shoulder routine for four weeks. Perform the workouts with at least two full days between (avoid any other upper-body training in between). The exercise pair in Day I (A and B) is done as a superset. Continue until all sets are complete. The routine on Day II is done as a circuit. Do as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.


1. Feet-Elevated Pike Pushup
Sets: 4   Reps: 12   Rest: 60-90 sec.

2A. Wide-Grip Inverted Row
Sets: 5   Reps: 10   Rest: 0 sec.

2B. Dip.
Sets: 5   Reps: 10   Rest: 0 sec.


1. Feet-Elevated Pike Pushup
Sets: As many as possible   Reps: 6

2. Wide-Grip Pullup
Sets: As many as possible   Reps: 5

3. Crab Walk
Sets: As many as possible  Reps: Walk for 30 sec.



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