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The Vyper Routine to Maximize Strength Gains and Injury-Proof Your Body

HyperIce's vibrating foam roller might just be the key to unlocking your muscles—and your personal best.
The Vyper (interior view)

If veteran gym rats and hardcore runners can agree on one thing, it’s the power of the humble foam roller. For all their simplicity, foam rollers are remarkably effective at loosening muscle knots, breaking up tension, and restoring flexibility to tired, sore muscles. People were just fine with the foam rollers as they were.

But then the Vyper came along—and fit guys took notice. Created by HyperIce founder Anthony Katz (he came up with the idea after watching an athlete use a foam roller while sitting on a vibrating plate), the Vyper combines vibration technology within a foam roller. With vibrations at three different frequency settings, the Vyper opens up a range of options for warmups and cooldowns—potentially unlocking even greater muscle growth, flexibility, and resistance to injury.

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“The Vyper incorporates two very effective components: efficiency and recovery,” says Dr. Mike Clark, DPT, the Chairman of HyperIce’s scientific advisory board, the founder of the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the CEO and founder of sports performance company Fusionetics. “By combining compression and vibration, the Vyper has a significantly greater effect in tissue range of motion and tissue elasticity."

“I talk about it like a control-alt-delete reset for your body,” Clark says. “A lot of adults are sitting all day—commuting, at work, commuting home, on the couch—so their bodies are locked up. When they start lifting, they get hurt.”

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