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The Workout That Builds Muscle and Blasts Fat at the Same Time

Try this "peripheral heart action training" workout to torch calories as you get stronger.

If you’re someone who isn’t content to make just one New Year’s resolution—maybe you have two or 12—this workout is for you. It will help you get stronger and bigger—while simultaneously helping you torch fat and calories.

How? It’s all thanks to concepts called metabolic resistance training and “Peripheral Heart Action Training,” which basically means the workout is structured so that the small muscles around you heart start to work before the peripheral ones in your limbs and core. (Traditional circuit training, on the other hand, aims to get that blood pumping to one area at a time.) “It's an exercise method that will help to build muscle while at the same time burning calories during the workout,” says trainer Noam Tamir, CSCS, founder of TS Fitness in New York City, who created this routine.

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To achieve this, you alternate upper body and lower body moves. “This helps you to not fatigue as quickly,” explains Tamir who also made sure to keep the rest intervals just long enough so that your heart rate stays up while allowing your muscles to sufficiently recover.

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You’ll use kettlebells rather than dumbbells as they’re more versatile: “They are also more functional and feel heavier because of their center of mass,” says Tamir. 

Do three rounds of both circuits on the following page. Rest for 30 seconds between sets and two minutes between Circuit 1 & 2.

Have a tempo for the movement in the first circuit. Two second negative, one second hold at the top and bottom of the movement and one second positive. Doing things at a controlled pace maximizes muscle recruitment, minimizes injury, and keeps form in check, says Tamir. 

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