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Workout of the Month: Alpha-Male Training

Build a dominating physique with denser workouts.


1A: Romanian Deadlift

See Day 2. *demonstrated above.

1B: Push Press

See Day 2

Notes: Alternate exercises for 5 minutes. Afterward, rest 3–5 minutes, and then repeat the superset with 5–10% more weight for another 5 minutes. Rest 3–5 minutes, and go on to exercises 2a, 2b, and 2c.

2A: Inverted Row

Set a barbell in a power rack or smith machine so that you can hang underneath it with hands shoulder width. Keeping your body straight, squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull yourself up until your chest reaches the bar.

2B: Hack Squat

Use a hack squat machine and stand with feet shoulder width. Squat as low as you can.

2C: Squeeze Press

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and lie back on a flat bench. Squeeze the weights together over your chest and then press up. Keep the tension constant throughout the set.

Notes: Cycle through the exercises for 6 minutes. Afterward, rest 3–5 minutes and then repeat the circuit with 3–5% more weight for another 6 minutes. Rest 3–5 minutes, and go on to exercises 3a and 3b.

3A: Seated Calf Raise

Use a seated calf raise machine or place dumb- bells on your thighs. Lower your heels toward the floor until you feel a deep stretch in your calves. Raise your heels as high as you can.

3B: Shrug

Hold a barbell at shoulder width and shrug your shoulders as high as you can.

Notes: Alternate for 4 minutes. Afterward, rest 2 minutes, then repeat for another 5 minutes.



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