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Workout Wingman: Six Training Challenges

Take your fitness to the next level with these two-man team challenges.

HORSE - Endurance Challenge


Wingman 1 picks any style of pushup (wide, narrow, or triangle). Wingman 1 then “calls” the amount of reps he is shooting for before he starts. If the wingman calling his reps fails to reach them, he gets a letter. If Wingman 1 calls his reps and completes them, but Wingman 2 cannot, Wingman 2 gets a letter. If both Wingman 1 and Wingman 2 complete Wingman 1’s called number of reps, Wingman 1 gets a letter.

Once a letter is given, the control moves to the other partner. This process continues until someone spells H-O-R-S-E and loses.


Similarly to the game of HORSE played in basketball, this drill creates pressure and competition that encourages both athletes to improve their endurance.

Strategy tip: The partner who isn’t "calling" the reps can decide not to try the number of pushups proposed and proven by the calling partner and sacrifice a letter in order to conserve energy and try to drain his opponent at any given time.

Tommy Caldwell of HybridTraining

MEET YOUR MATCH - Body-Weight Challenge


You and your wingman will compete against each other in three exercises. The resistance for each exercise will be equal to your body weight. (A 180-pound man will compete with 180 pounds of resistance.) Exercises included will be Barbell Bench Presses, Bodyweight Pullups, and Barbell Back Squats. You each have 2 minutes to complete as many repetitions as possible of one of the exercises. Then, rest 30 seconds and move on to the next exercise. The person with the highest amount of total reps after all exercises are complete wins.


Performing the exercises with your own body weight “levels” the playing field. This challenge will test both lower and upper body for strength and endurance.

Tim McComsey of TRyMFitness

SQUAT AND SIT - Body-Weight Challenge


Wingman 1 does as many body-weight squats as possible while Wingman 2 “sits” in the bottom of an air squat. Switch every 15 seconds for 5 minutes. Record the total number of squats performed by each person. Emphasize full range of motion and proper squat technique. In the bottom of the squat make sure the heels are in contact with the ground and the lumbar curve remains intact. The key to this body-weight workout is high intensity performed for a short period of time.

This workout can be done with a variety of body-weight movements. Pushups are a great exercise to use as one person holds the top of a pushup while the other completes as many reps as possible. Lunges, handstand pushups, situps, dips, and pullups can easily be added to the mix.

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This workout is a lot harder than it seems and having a partner to share your discomfort will help you fight through and continue squatting. Body-weight squats should be an essential movement for every workout program, and sitting in the bottom of the squat will challenge your lower-body endurance. Sitting in the bottom of a squat will also build strength for heavy back squats.

Will Huntington of CrossFit Framingham

* The following workouts have been produced by the certified training staff of HUMANFITPROJECT.



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