Being Fit in the Fattest Cities

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Being Fit in the Fattest Cities

Living in one of these notoriously fat cities doesn't mean you have to fit the stereotype.
Three years passed since we last rounded up America’s fittest and fattest cities, and when we did research for our latest Fattest & Fittest Cities list, we found that obesity rates have worsened at an alarming rate. 33.8% of American adults are now obese. In fact, the last time we tried this, fewer than six states had an obesity rate above 30%. That number is now up to 12.

There’s hope, though. The fitness industry is booming—a least when it comes to innovation—and enrollment in user-friendly programs like CrossFit has increased exponentially. There’s still work to be done, however.

If you live in one of this year's fattest cities, it's not all doom and gloom. We've got solutions for you, so you can turn this big-boy list on its head, one pound at a time. The top five fattest cities are not the landlocked hell holes you'd expect, either. Most are coastal locales with reasonable green space throughout them—most are also crawling with excellent boot camps, kettlebell workshops, CrossFit gyms and boxing gyms galore that deliver real results. Find your city and find a program right here with training you can enjoy. This is a portal to your new body.


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