Being Fit in the Fattest Cities

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Being Fit in the Fattest Cities

Living in one of these notoriously fat cities doesn't mean you have to fit the stereotype.
If you're ready for a life change, you'll want to step up to the Seal PT Boot Camp. The much-touted trainers who run this fantastic outfit bring Special Forces military backgrounds to this 2-week intensive. $250, 1.5 hours each day (Mon-Fri)

Fitness Boot Camp runs a 6-week co-ed program, with a manageable two trainings per week for 210 bucks, or $160 if you sign up with a friend.

HIT Fit Boot Camp is a brutal but balanced program (post-workout massage, anyone? You've got it. Nutrition coaching? Check.). Your coach is a self-professed "former fat kid." And what about the staggeringly low price you pay for this pre- or post-work skinny pill? Only $40 per month for UNLIMITED classes—I challenge you to find a better deal.

At Fitness Boot Camp 4 You Casey Castro kicks off his all-encompassing program with a comprehensive meal plan, then you'll dive head-first into the massive weight loss and muscle gain you're after. There are five years of success stories for you to be inspired by, which means one thing: His team of certified trainers knows exactly what they're doing. Prices vary, but the standard rate is $209 for 3-days-a-week 4-week regimens.

Tried every other "trick" in the fitness book? Get results from the real thing with Josh One's Warrior Fit Camp, a 6-week co-ed burner that'll set you back only $217. Only you set your limits—Josh's FitCamp will push you beyond it.

Primal Fire Boot Camp will incinerate fat by running you through Russian kettlebells, cardio and classic exercises, giving you the total-body burn you're looking for.

Pro Fit Training consist of a seriously experienced team of men and women trainers—with backgrounds in U.S. Marines, strongmen and football champs. Prices range from $99 to $299, with a free session included. Or get one heck of a workout and fire off your total-body weight loss in a friendly yet focused group with the co-ed Texas Boot Camp.

Ready to try the original boot camp—CrossFit? There are about eight facilities in the metro area, including CrossFit 1525 and CrossFit Houston.

Southside Boxing has a fantastic 6-session boot camp for only $50, or check out one of the three dozen other phenomenal boxing gyms in the metro area.


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