Being Fit in the Fattest Cities

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Being Fit in the Fattest Cities

Living in one of these notoriously fat cities doesn't mean you have to fit the stereotype.
The name says it all: Cleveland Fitness Revolution Boot Camp is your pass to fitness. And this is one seriously comprehensive program, with trained experts pushing you through either 60-min or 30-min training sessions for either 1-, 3-, 6-, or 12-month durations.

Euphoria Fitness Boot Camp, this is 30 days of elite training, with 4 classes per week. $250

Or any of the many boxing gyms, including Cleveland Boxing Club, which offers a no-pain no-gain 1 year Boot Camp Boxing. $125 per quarter

Fit Boot Camp is an indoor/outdoor 4-week training onslaught to your body-to-be including kettlebell, plyometrics, card and beach workout—every inspiration you need to get in peak shape. It's not men's specific, but you'll undoubtedly be pushed to your own limits to break through plateaus. $210

Kieran Sernig has hardcore intensity waiting for you right on Raby Bay. This kind of outdoor group challenge really gets your head in the game, and is offered year-round to get you to your goal with no room for excuses. What's best, an 11-week boot camp will set you back only $5-$10 per session!

And BCOR also has locations in Cleveland, and of course, there is CrossFit, including CrossFit Cleveland and the award-winning CrossFit CLE, where you can change your life forever. Rates vary


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