Being Fit in the Fattest Cities

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Being Fit in the Fattest Cities

Living in one of these notoriously fat cities doesn't mean you have to fit the stereotype.
Strength Camp is a hardcore athlete training facility, but they also run a boot camp to burn fat and get shredded. They require you to fill out an application and complete a brief interview—just to make sure you're ready for pain—but after that, your strength coach will help you turn it all around. Basic membership is $100 for 45–60 mins, 3–5 times per week.

Al Rosen's Fitness and Conditioning Camp has a 2-Day Tri-Fitness Conditioning as well as a True Grit Challenge.

Powerhouse Gym programs include O2 cycling, cross training and personal training.

Adventure in Movement (AIM) Boot Camp is a men's only program where you can make fast buddies as you flip tires, hurl sand sacks, do speed and agility drills and occasionally jump into multi-sport territory with rope challenges and rock climbing. AIM hands you the tools you need to get in peak fitness.

Tampa Bay Club Sport Boot Camp runs the gamut for beginning and advanced athletes alike to get fit in Tampa and St. Petersburg. They run 11 boot camps throughout the year, can prorate your start date (taking away excuses of "too late"), and promise to blast your ass into shape using obstacle courses, resistance training, combat techniques. And after you're successfully singeing calories on your own, join one of the dozens of team sports that the club has organized. $150 for 5 weeks

Or face off with your cardio demons in one of the many boxing studios in Florida, or at The Factory, which offers hybrid sports performance.


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