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Four Movements to Make the Most of Your Travel Workouts

Get ripped while on the road with these essential exercises.

4. Burpees

Ahh, the burpee. Everyone’s favorite movement. There’s a reason the burpee has become so popular in recent years - it works. It forces your entire body to work at a high intensity, and not only gets all of your muscles on fire, but your lungs as well. Burpees can have you sucking wind in no time. Not familiar with the movement? From a standing position, jump your feet backwards while dropping your chest to the ground and catching yourself in a pushup position. Once your chest has touched the ground, jump your feet back up to your hands and stand all the way up. Want to kick up the intensity? Do them faster!

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You have the four perfect road warrior movements - now how do we put them together? Follow this simple formula and you’ll have a high intensity, fat shredding workout in no time.

Pick a time domain between 10 and 30 minutes. The shorter time domains should have a higher intensity, whereas a longer time domain will naturally have slightly less intensity. Choose a rep scheme for each of the four movements. This means pick a number of reps that you’re going to do in each circuit. It can be anything from 5 to 25. Put the circuit together. Let’s say you chose to do a 20 minute workout, and you chose 10 hand release pushups, 10 lunges per leg, 15 squats, and 5 burpees. This means that you will put 20 minutes on the clock, and will cycle through that circuit as many times as you can in 20 minutes. The key is moving as quickly as possible while maintaining good form.

Don’t want to put your own workout together? No problem. Try this one on for size the next time you’re on the road.

15 Minute Circuit

10 burpees
20 squats (goblet squats if you have a weight)
10 jumping lunges per leg
15 hand release pushups

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