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Get Lean and Cut With the "Ultimate" Workout

A unique sport and a unique training regimen that will shed serious pounds.

The Ultimate Workout

If you’re looking to add bulk, this isn’t the workout regimen for you. However, a lean, muscular physique is ideal for top Ultimate players.

Andy Bosco, one of Korber’s teammates on the Constitution, stresses the importance of working the core and big muscle groups while focusing on agility, explosiveness and footwork during the season. He boasts a dedicated workout plan with a strong diversity of exercises, many of which may seem simple enough on their own, but his week-long plan is definitely not for the faint of heart. Bosco attributes his and the team’s workout plan to trainer Ron Remeika of Better Athletic Development in Shelton, Connecticut.

A Sample Day:

Stretching - Hamstring, Quads, Calves, Back, Arms, Neck

In the afternoon:
Hill Runs - 8 x 45 yards. Rest 15 sec. between reps. Rest 3 min. Do another 8 x 45 yards. Rest 15 sec. between reps.

In the evening:
Warm up on bike - 5 min.
10 Corrective Squats
Ladder drills: Icky Shuffle, Ali Shuffle, Hop Scotch, 2 in 2 out, 2 in 2 out lateral x 3 each
Clean and Jerk 40 lbs. 8 reps x 3
Overhead throws 10 x 3 7-lb. medicine ball
Standing row with rope cable 12 x 3 200 lbs.
Pull-ups assisted 10 x 3
Tri pulls 110 lbs. 12 x 3, 90 lbs. 8 x 3
Lunge throw 10-lb. med ball against the wall 10 x 3 each leg
Back Fly 12 x 3 move in 8 x 3
Grip plate carry 30 lbs. by 80 yards x 3

Over the course of a week, Bosco completes two other workouts comparable to this one (without the hill running), along with another day of circuit training, a running day (3 miles and a throwing session), a day of playing Ultimate and a day of rest.

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