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Hot Yoga Girl Will Make You Join the Gym

"The Contortionist" Briohny Smyth demonstrates an early morning yoga routine.

You might wonder who could sit and watch a yoga video, but this 3:28 routine will have you mesmerized from beginning to end. Maybe it's the captivating soundtrack, her mind-blowing athleticism, artistry and body control. Or, it's probably the fact that she's wearing practically nothing. The city view and sunrise are a nice touch as well. This video from the rock star fitness contributors of Q, by Equinox fitness clubs features Briohny Smyth as "The Contortionist" going through an early morning yoga routine. Athletes respect it, enthusiasts love it, creepy dudes probably have memorized specific time stamps of the video and Equinox has probably won over a boatload of of new members. Enjoy.


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