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Learn How to Run Stronger

Take your cardio outdoors -- running is a fun and effective workout

Breaking your own mark begins well before the starting line. Andrew Kastor, a marathon coach in Mammoth Lakes, CA, offers his strategy.

A Month Before The Race:
1 ) Run the course (or at least part of it) a couple of times. This is your mental rehearsal. If you can't get to the course ahead of time, familiarize yourself with a course map, then . nd a similar course in your area for practice.

2 ) Train at the same time as the start of the race. This will help set your body's schedule for eating and bathroom breaks.

3) Run a couple of "rust-busters," or shorter races. They help shake off the cobwebs, and you can learn what kind of shape you're in.

Day Before The Race:
1 ) Make sure everything you'll wear on race day—shoes, socks, cap—fits and works properly.

2 ) Check the weather forecast. If it's going to be cold on race morning, plan to wear lots of layers.

3) Relax. Stress and agitation waste energy. Figure out driving directions and any pre-race preparations needed. Breakfast, changing, shoes, bib number—have this stuff. gured out before hitting the sack. You'll sleep better—and run better as well.

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