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Learn How to Run Stronger

Take your cardio outdoors -- running is a fun and effective workout

"The key to running faster is to conserve energy, which is where good form comes into play," says Jenny Hadfield, a running coach and coauthor of Running for Mortals. Nail your technique with these tips:

1) Relax Your Upper Body
Tension in your upper body makes breathing more challenging. Relax your shoulders. Swing your arms like a pendulum. Also, pretend you're holding something delicate to keep your hands from clenching.

2) Keep Hips Under Shoulders
Good alignment will increase efficiency. If you have tight hip flexors or unequal hip strength, you might have to do strength or stretching exercises to loosen up.

3) Use Quick, Short Strides
Every time you hit the ground, especially if you're a heel striker, you're stopping yourself, which drains your energy. Faster, shorter strides lessen that impact. Most runners do well at 180 strides per minute. To help you hit an ideal stride, try one of the free playlists at

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