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One-Off Workout: 5-Move TRX and Kettlebell Fat Burn Combo

Ramp up your workout intensity and burn fat fast with this TRX and kettlebell circuit.

Break away from the typical fat burning methods of cardio, interval training and bodybuilding workouts by combining kettlebells with a TRX suspension trainer. We've asked owner of Drench Fitness boutique and training correspondent to HUMANFITPROJECT, Adam Von Rothfelder, C.S.C.S. for a combo workout that will push you to the limits and lean you out in no time.


Each exercise is to be completed in a circuit format with zero rest in between exercises. You will complete each circuit for a total of four rounds. You may take 1 minute breaks in between rounds.

MOVE ONE: Kettlebell Snatch

Perform 6 repetitions


Placing weight roughly 6” in front of your feet, swing the kettlebell back with your hips. Drive your hips forward and swing the kettlebell to about shoulders-height. At this point, begin to bend your elbows at peak of the swing and re-direct that swinging momentum into an overhead press without any pause.



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