One-Off Workout: A Cardio Replacement Routine

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One-Off Workout: A Cardio Replacement Routine

Trying to lose fat but bored with your cardio workouts? Replace it with this 5-move, 7-rep giant set routine to burn fat fast.
If you're following a basic fat loss program, or losing weight is your goal in general then chances are there's some type of cardio-training included in the program. Whether it's intervals or steady-state cardio, after a while things become mundane, boring and you could just want to skip it all together.

Before you lose more motivation than fat, we've asked owner of TRyM Fitness and HUMANFITPROJECT correspondent, Tim McComsey C.S.C.S., RD. to provide and demonstrate a great workout to replace those boring cardio sessions. It's a 5-move, 7-rep, "down-the-ladder" giant set that will boost your strength, endurance and torch fat.


> Select ONE weight or amount of resistance for ALL the exercises [5] in the set.

> Perform all exercises [5] in a row with NO rest in between the movements.

> Rest ONE minute after completing all of the movements [5] collectively.


SET ONE: 7 reps SET TWO: 6 reps SET THREE: 5 reps SET FOUR: 4 reps SET FIVE: 3 reps SET SIX: 2 reps SET SEVEN: 1 rep

SLIDE TWO: The Moves & Demonstration


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