Six Workouts That Melt Fat In Under 20 Minutes

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Six Workouts That Melt Fat In Under 20 Minutes

Blast your whole body in the time you have.

A complex is a series of exercises done back to back using one load. You complete one set of each movement without resting or even setting the weight down in between. This burns a ton of calories, and blasts every muscle in your body.

Sample Workout

Romanian Deadlift x 6

Bentover Row x 6

Reverse Lunge x 6 (each side)

Dumbbell High Pull x 6

Overhead Press x 6

Front Squat x 6

Plyo Pushup x 6

Always choose a weight that you can handle for your weakest exercise (on the plyo pushup, simply set the dumbbells aside). Rest for 90 seconds and repeat the complex for four total rounds. 

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