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The Fat-Burning Workout You're Not Doing Yet [VIDEO]

Equinox launches ShockWave, a new rowing workout designed to maximize calorie burn—without feeling like exercise.

You've probably noticed a rowing machine collecting dust in the corner of your gym—and flirted with the idea of trying it. But on second glance at the Ergometer—or "The Erg,” as rowers call it—you probably dismissed the steel slide and pull-chain handle, and instead defaulted to the treadmill. Why? Because it just seems easier to go with what you know.

By bypassing the rowing machine, however, you're missing out one of the best opportunities you have to torch fat and burn calories in a shortest amount of time. Not only can rowing kill up to 600 calories in a single one-hour session, but it's far gentler on your joints than running or other high impact sports. And because it has one of the lowest perceived rates of exertion, you're hardly feel like you're doing a full body workout (so you're more likely to stick with it). 

To help gym-goers get the maximum benefits out of their rowing workout—whether its their first one or their 50th—Equinox teamed up with Josh Crosby, former world champion rower, and Jay Blahnik, award-winning fitness trainer, to build ShockWave, a rowing workout designed on team-based circuit training.  For a sneak peak at what you're in for with ShockWave, check out this video (more details about the classes below). 

Learn more about this video at Q, the new blog from Equinox. Find out what's it really like to take a rowing workout class.


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