Rowing Workout Stations

Inside the Rowing Workout

ShockWave is not your ordinary teacher-student fitness class. The "coaches" incorporate intensity and camaraderie in the 30-45 minute workout by teaming up the attendees, aka "athletes."

Once you've warmed up, you hit four stations: three strength stations (for legs, core and upper body) and one rowing station. ShockWave doesn't rely on a timer to signal a station-change. Instead, all rowers at the rowing station must row the designated distance on their Ergs before anyone else in the class can rotate to the next spot.

“Since ShockWave’s circuit timing is designed around how quickly each team can finish the rowing distance," says Blahnik, "there is friendly pressure to do your best, help out your teammates and not let down the other teams who are working hard at their stations waiting for the rowers to complete their distance."

Each ShockWave class demands four circuits for completion. Rowing distances vary from 100 meters to 500 m. Coaches provide simple tips for each rower that allow rowers to learn quickly and easily in small doses. Exterior lifting stations change every few workouts keeping your muscles guessing, with the same permanent rowing foundation. “The end result is the perfect balance of strength, cardio and teamwork that enables you to work harder than you ever expected to,” said Blahnik. “Plus, you learn to row, and incorporate rowing into your regular workouts in friendly, non-intimidating settings.”

So, what’s stopping you? Grab a gym towel, wipe the dust off the seat, and get on it. We tapped into Crosby’s world champ expertise asking his secrets for first-timers looking to hop on an Erg. He gave us the run down. You only need to know three things: order, power, and timing.

Find out three things every beginner should know when starting a rowing workout routine.