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The Fat-Burning Workout You're Not Doing Yet [VIDEO]

Equinox launches ShockWave, a new rowing workout designed to maximize calorie burn—without feeling like exercise.

Man Using Rowing MachineTips for First Time Rowers

1. Order of the Stroke Movement: Push your legs first, sending your butt backward on the slide. Then, hinge your core backward, bending the body 10-20 degrees. Use your arms to pull the handle to your chest. Reverse the movement to return.

2. Appropriate Power Distribution: Your legs should provide about 60% of the power, the core about 20% and the arms about 20%. The key is engaging your quads to drive your body backward more forcefully than you could pull with your arms.

3. Timing Your Slide: Take one count to drive back and two counts to come forward. This gives you a quick recovery with each stroke that promotes stamina and builds more power.


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