Meetings at work run late or a family obligation pops up - there's tons of reasons why your schedule is too jam-packed to squeeze in a workout. But before you skip out on getting it in, we've got just the solution - a Time Crunch workout.

Theresia Merkle, certified personal training for CRUNCH demonstrates a quick-hit, nonstop circuit for your abs that you can add to the end of any workout. 

Trainer Recommends: Tack this circuit on to the end of each workout for the week. 

Time Crunch Training: 10-Minute Ab Workout >>>


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Perform as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes. Rest as needed.

> Straight Leg Sit Up, 30 sec.
> Straight Leg Bicycles, 30 sec.
> Double Crunch, 30 sec.
> Side Plank Raise with Knees to Elbows, 30 sec.
> Mountain Climbers, 30 sec.
> Stability Ball Plank Roll Out, 30 sec.