Dinner, check. Movie, check. Gift exchange, check. But, why not put a hold on all the traditional Valentine's Day stuff, and put a little sweat in together first. This is a high intensity workout designed for him and her by ReebokOne ambassador, celebrity trainer, and HUMANFITPROJECT athlete Jacqueline Kasen.

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Perform every exercise AMRAP (as many reps as possible for 30 seconds max effort with one minute rest. If you can perform it faster than the minute rest; you didn't go full out.


1. DB lateral raise
2. Cable woodchops
3. Military press
4. Rapid fire punches - cross jabs
* Repeat the circuit twice

1. Push-ups with unilateral hand tap
2. Hanging leg raise and weighted low abdominal crunch
3. Forward lunges with kettle bells and kettlebell swing
4. DB front squat
* Repeat circuit twice