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Wipe Out Your Gut

Master the windshield wiper and build a serious six-pack
Marius Bugge

During the long, cold months of winter, most guys tend to take it easy on ab training. Since people can’t see your stomach, it’s easy to justify slacking off, right? But now that summer’s here, the shirt’s coming off. That’s why we’ve found an ultra-tough ab exercise—the windshield wiper—to get your six-pack popping again.

HOW TO DO IT: Hang from a pullup bar and raise your legs up to the bar so your torso is about parallel to the floor. Brace your abs and rotate your legs to one side as far as you can. Rotate to the other side. That’s one rep. Repeat for as many reps as possible and then do as many sets as you can with good form. It’s extremely challenging, so take your time to master it properly. The windshield wiper works your core in every conceivable way. There’s a crunching motion to get your legs up to the bar, an isometric contraction to hold yourself up there, rotation when you twist your legs to each side, and resistance to rotation (your abs have to stop your legs from falling to one side at the end of each twist). With all that effort, that jelly belly is a goner . . . well, at least until next December.


Need Something Easier? If you can’t perform the windshield wiper, try these easier moves and work your way up to it.

LYING WINDSHIELD WIPER: Lie on your back on the floor with your arms out to your sides 90 degrees and palms down. Raise your legs until they’re perpendicular to the floor. Now perform the same twisting motion as the windshield wiper.

HANGING SIDE CRUNCH: Hang from a pullup bar and twist your hips so they’re facing one side. Perform a crunch motion, trying to raise your knees to your chest (although the range of motion won’t be that large). Repeat on the other side.


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