81 Ways to Become a Better Cook

Whether you have trouble boiling water or are a foodie who loves spending time behind the stove, these tips and tricks will make chefs of all levels better at their game.

4 Quick Kitchen Fixes

67. Next time you burn a pot of rice, lay a slice of bread on top and put the lid back on the pot for 5–10 minutes to draw out the scorched taste.

68. Oversalt a pot of soup? Drop in some peeled potato slices to absorb the excess sodium. (Apples work as well.) Simmer the soup for 10 minutes, then remove the slices. If the dish contains citrus juice or wine, adding more can also help to balance things out.

69. Burn a dish containing milk? A pinch of salt will hide the scorched smell and taste.

70. Overcooked meat? Slice it thin and top with chopped tomato, onion, and jalapeño—or add olive oil and lime juice. The acid/oil combo will help to restore moisture levels in the abused protein.

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