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9 Things You See and Hear in Every Fitness Success Story

You've read our fitness success stories. Now learn how you can become one too by applying these shared key elements.

You've seen our stories of guys who achieved major body transformations—from beer belly to six-pack abs, from chain smoker to marathon runner, from weakling to gym rat. Sure they're inspiring, but it can get frustrating to realize your own fitness is flat-lining while those guys seem to be getting results on a daily basis. We wish we could tell you there's some magic trick or well-kept secret they know about that they're not sharing, but the truth is they achieved their results with a lot of determination, dedication, and drive. All of our success stories share the following common traits, so if you're looking to emulate these guys check out this list and get on the right track to victory. 

9. They change their lifestyle.

None of those crazy success stories would be possible without a complete lifestyle overhaul. It’s not just about making small tweaks to your schedule here and there—the way you go about your everyday life has to change. As Justin Klein of the HumanFitProject puts it, most people finally find the motivation when they “hit rock bottom,” and can no longer go on looking or feeling the way they do. No matter what brings on their wake-up call, it’s obviously for the best, and drives the person to exercise frequently, change unhealthy eating habits and limit other detrimental activities like smoking and drinking.

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8. They're extremely determined.

Deciding to make that big lifestyle change is often the easy part. If you’re not happy about something in your life, it’s easy to acknowledge it and say you’re going to change. However, to actually follow through and make that change happen you’ll need a ton of determination. It's no secret that your body can often be inclined to take it easy—that’s why you need to bring a strong, determined attitude to every workout in order to get the most out of it, and don’t get discouraged by the long road ahead. It’s a simple concept, but it’s proven effective time and again.

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7. They exude a positive attitude.

"Just look at the faces of people in ‘before and after’ pictures,” says Mike Duffy, a New Jersey-based trainer who runs his own personal training company. “Happiness, confidence and health are usually a common denominator.” Of course, to achieve those great results this means you need to somehow cultivate that positive attitude from the beginning. Though it can be hard at first think of it as a domino effect—do at least one thing everyday to help your health and improve your quality of life, and little by li ttle it will stat to add up. The better you feel about your body, the more positive you'll feel and the more you'll want to continue your healthy streak.

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