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9 Things You See and Hear in Every Fitness Success Story

You've read our fitness success stories. Now learn how you can become one too by applying these shared key elements.

3. They are more aware of what their body needs.

The more a guy works out, the more energy he needs and the less he wants to be carrying around excess fat and empty calories. In most success stories, guys go from eating mindlessly to figuring out how many calories and nutrients they need to get the most out of their workouts and improve their results.

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2. They become self-motivated.

As we mentioned above having a support system is often how these guys first get the inspiration to hit the gym, but as their training steps up and they start to see real results that's when the self-motivation kicks. Eventually, it’s more about the guy doing it for his own wellbeing than it is about being pushed by friends and loved ones. “You see it all the time—when the motivation becomes more intrinsic,” Klein says. That's usually a huge sign that someone has embraced a total lifestyle change.

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1. They want to pay it forward.

The idea of paying it forward commonly occurs at the happy ending of these fitness success stories, says Duffy who has seen firsthand people who became personal trainers or aerobic instructors as a result of their life-changing experience. These people have been at both ends of the spectrum—they've been overweight and unhealthy and they've realized how much happier they are in their new bodies. Many of them are inspired to share that feeling with others and help effect the same positive changes they instilled in themselves onto others who are still struggling.

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