Full-Throttle Recovery and Strength Supplements

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Full-Throttle Recovery and Strength Supplements

The supplements and regimen Grage used to recover, leading to the development of BPI’s line of products.
“I followed a strict supplement regimen after my accident,” Grage says. He knew that glutamine was good for burn patients, and he knew that his injuries were equal to those of a severe burn patient. The amino acid glutamine is crucial for growth and recovery.

“Despite the pain of movement, forcing myself to eat was one of the hardest parts of my recovery,” Grage says. Protein shakes were extremely helpful. “I could force down these calories.” Protein was also necessary for healing bone and tissue injuries.

In 2009, Grage became one of the founders of BPI Sports, among the most successful supplement companies in the world. Now he produces products that help people who want to add muscle mass or improve their health, whatever their circumstance.

MEN'S FITNESS asked Grage to give a rundown on his current supplement routine. Whatever your current goals or challenges, you have to believe that you can improve your chance of success by following Grage’s example.

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