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10 Little Ways to Kill Your Online Dating Game

Not having much luck? Here's how to up your chances of meeting a great girl—and lower the risk of screwing up a relationship before it starts.

Mistake #6: IMing right away.
“Many women don’t like receiving IMs from men whose profiles they haven’t read yet,” says Spira. So start the dialogue with an e-mail to give her a chance to check out your details. And hold off on IMing until you’ve exchanged a few e-mails.

Mistake #7: Using middle-school texting words when you get in touch.
Erase these from your online vocabulary: ur, r, u, ya, and cant (without the apostrophe). According to OkCupid, messages with those “words” get replies less than 10% of the time (ouch). The average response rate: 32%. You’re better off spelling things out like a grown-ass man.

Mistake #8: Telling a woman she’s hot, sexy, or beautiful.
OkCupid discovered that messages with those words receive responses 25% of the time or less. That’s because focusing on the physical makes a woman feel you’re not interested in getting to know the real her, explains Spira. What to say, then? “Mention something else you admired about her profile,” suggests Spira.

Mistake #9: Waiting too long to ask her out.
“Take your relationship from online to offline after a few e-mails,” recommends Spira. If there’s chemistry after one phone chat, set a date to meet in person. “Otherwise, you’ll end up with a digital pen-pal,” which isn’t quite the point of online dating.

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Mistake #10: Ruling out older women.
Sure, the spring chicks may be hotter than the almost over-the-hill-set, but man, are you missing out. OkCupid found its 30-something female members are more likely than the 18 – 29-year-olds to enjoy sex, engage in casual sex, and give blow jobs. Some things really do get better with age...




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