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10 Rules for Landing a Good Girlfriend

Looking for a girlfriend, but always end up dating women who aren’t relationship material? We've got your 10 rules to live by.

Rule #1: Go to the source.

Give yourself a chance to meet the kind of women you like. If you’re out at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday night, you’re going to meet party girls. Sure, all kinds of women go out sometimes, but why not go where the odds are more in your favor?

Imagine your ideal girlfriend. Now imagine her day-to-day life. Where could your life and hers intersect? Women who like to read will be at book clubs and bookstores. Women who love the outdoors will be hiking or at the park.  And so on.

Rule #2: Ask yourself: Doth the lady protest too much?

Unfortunately, there’s a bit of hypocrisy in all of us. We’re more likely to accuse others of faults we have in ourselves, and to do so much more strongly.  E.g., someone who is cheating is much more likely to be suspicious of their partner than someone who is faithful.

Of course, there are lots of reasons why someone might be sensitive about a particular issue.  But if you can’t find any explanation, then she might be projecting her own issues.

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