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10 Rules for Landing a Good Girlfriend

Looking for a girlfriend, but always end up dating women who aren’t relationship material? We've got your 10 rules to live by.

Rule #3: Avoid women who don’t have close female friends.

It’s weird if all of your friends are of the opposite sex. For women, it suggests that she’s trading on her sexuality to make friends, and that other women don’t see anything valuable in her.

It’s OK for her to have male friends, and it’s even OK if most of her friends happen to be male, especially if her work or hobbies tend to be male-dominated. But in my experience, women who don’t have any close female friends are almost always bad news.

Rule #4: Hang out with women who fit your criteria even if they’re attached or not interested in dating you.

Swallow your pride if she’s taken or says “let’s just be friends.”  Be friends with her. 

People generally spend time with people who are like them (e.g., attractiveness, age, social status, values, etc.). Your dream girl is probably friends with women who are like her in some way. Even if the woman in front of you isn’t going to be your love connection, she might be the one who leads you there.

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