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10 Rules for Landing a Good Girlfriend

Looking for a girlfriend, but always end up dating women who aren’t relationship material? We've got your 10 rules to live by.

Rule #5: Watch her eyes.

There was a study where researchers predicted if a couple would stay together for the next five years, just by observing them for fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes! That’s barely enough time to save 15% on car insurance, let alone to project two people’s relationship history five years into the future.

Yet, they were incredibly successful. All they did was watch both people’s eyes. Couples who rolled their eyes at each other were doomed. The rest were not.

Bonus–you can often tell if someone is lying just by watching their eyes.

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Rule #6: Those who ignore the past are condemned to re-live it.

I’m paraphrasing this aphorism about history because it works just as well–or better–for relationships.

When researching my Relationship Management Course, I discovered something that in retrospect is very obvious, but that few men take advantage of: The biggest predictor of female infidelity is whether she’s cheated in the past.

Ask about her history early, when you’re likeliest to get an honest answer. Be understanding of the “cheat-then-breakup” many women do when they’re leaving a doomed relationship. And then make your own judgments from there.



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