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10 Rules for Landing a Good Girlfriend

Looking for a girlfriend, but always end up dating women who aren’t relationship material? We've got your 10 rules to live by.

Rule #9:  Ignore the bullshit that doesn’t matter.

Ignore stuff that has nothing to do with her values, like how she dresses. I’ve had very conservatively-dressed women proposition me in the most blatant ways imaginable, even with unknowing husbands in the room, and I have friends who sometimes go out in outfits that would make a stripper blush—and they're amazing and loyal girlfriends.

Look, if you care about how she dresses (and most men do, just like she’ll care about how you dress), that’s fine. But it’s a fashion issue, not a moral one.

Rule #10:  Man up and take control of your life.

The more you improve yourself, the more women will be interested in you. If you’ve set your sights high and want an awesome girlfriend (and why shouldn’t you), then realize that she probably wants an awesome boyfriend. What could you change to make yourself an even better catch?  Go do it.

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