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10 Steps to Securing a One-Night Stand

End the night with no-strings-attached sex—without coming off like a creep.

A lot of guys think it’s not real–but it is: There are classes men can take to get better at meeting, attracting, and, yes, seducing beautiful women. They’re guaranteed and, judging from the success stories, they work. Problem is, they’re not cheap, and seats fill up fast. So we asked Nick Savoy, president of Love Systems, a dating-coach company, to stop by for a quick lesson on securing a one-night stand without coming off as a creep—or waking up attached. 

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Step No. 1: Find out her logistics early

Find out who she’s with and how she’s getting home, so you can work around any obstacles. You don’t want to be figuring out at 2 a.m. that she’s the designated driver for all of her friends who live in some distant suburb. Know this stuff in advance, so you can plan around it, e.g., if she’s there with her cute friend, introduce her to your friend/wingman. You’ll turn a potential saboteur into a potential ally.

Step No. 2: Be direct

Going under the radar is fine, and we recommend it for new guys. But if you want to bang her brains out, tell her. Done right, it will impress her with your confidence and authenticity, and might even turn her on. 

“Done right” is easier said than done and needs a whole article in itself. But to get you started, 1) think “passion” not “sleaze” and 2) whatever you tell her, do it while whispering in her ear.

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