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10 Things to Never Text A Woman

Love pissing her off? Didn’t think so. This guide will help you think twice before you hit send.

6. Giving a One Word Response
Have you ever imagined yourself being lit on fire? She has—when you responded “k” to her three-paragraph text about buying a sandwich this afternoon. No matter how mundane or trivial the subject matter, if you like her, you will coerce your thumbs to form a proper response. Throw in an emoji for good measure.

On the other hand, Masters believes you can use this to your advantage. If she’s breaking the rules (i.e. drunk and trying to define your relationship status at 3 a.m.), your “k” shows you’re mature—and will leave her groveling in the morning.

7. Texting Your Feelings
Text message 101—any emotional conversation via text is an obvious no-no. Yet since so many men still make this blunder, it has to be said. If you have feelings to share, pick up the phone or run the risk of sounding pathetic.

And just for good measure, don’t ever start a text with “We need to talk,” “I’ve been meaning to tell you,” or “So I went to the doctor…”

8. Playing the Horndog

Yes, we know the 8-megapixel camera on the iPhone 5 may make her photos to you feel like your own personal Playboy, but overly sexual demands are a quick way to turn her from hot to cold. “Send me a pic,” and “What ru wearing” sound juvenile and pervy.

That doesn’t mean she’s not willing to get a bit frisky. “It’s completely acceptable to sneak in the sexual as long as it is shrouded in humor,” says Masters. Ease your way into the topic gradually—and keep it light. Leave the real sex for the bedroom.



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