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10 Tips to Fight Fair With Your Woman

Get over the fight and onto the makeup sex a lot faster when you follow this advice on how to argue the right way.

Make The Most Of Make-Up Sex
Now on to the fun stuff: Fights do have an upside—and that upside starts in your pants. “Physiologically speaking, anger and arousal have quite a bit in common in revving up the body,” Fulbright says. “Sex is a much more enjoyable release than trying to work off anger in other ways.” Just don’t rely too much on makeup sex. It shouldn’t be a regular weekly thing—that’s way too much drama. “If you need to fight to have hot, uninhibited sex, then it may be time to rethink the relationship” Fulbright says.

Close It Out In A Good Way
When the storm is over try to give the fight a positive spin. Tell her, “I’m glad we discussed this,” or, “That was tough, but I now feel closer to you.” It will help her feel like your relationship is in a good place. And if the argument went smoother than normal, thank her for whatever she did that you appreciated—like asking you a great question, or making eye contact and listening intently. “Gratitude goes a long way,” says Rivkin. “I don’t think we can get too much appreciation.”

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