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10 Ways to Know It’s Time to Let Her Go

In helping men improve their chances with women in bars, clubs, and coffee shops, dating expert Nick Savoy has seen a lot of pickups. He's also gotten pretty good at telling very early on which women are keepers—and who’s just going to be trouble.

5.   She’s your text buddy

She’ll chat with you all day by text message. She’ll say she misses hearing from you when you’re busy. But every time you suggest meeting up, she goes silent.

Fixable? Yes, if you can get her more attracted to you. This is hard to do in text, but if you know what you’re doing, it’s possible. If not, go silent for a few months and then re-engage with “I just met your twin!”

6.  She’s insanely jealous

Does she go through your phone or e-mail without your permission? Does she quiz you on where you’ve been and who you’re with? Does she make negative comments about your female friends?  

Fixable? Maybe. She might not know any better. Call out her behavior in a neutral way (e.g., “I think we might have different expectations here.”). But if it comes from a place of insecurity and entitlement, then she’ll never really change. 

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