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10 Ways to Know It’s Time to Let Her Go

In helping men improve their chances with women in bars, clubs, and coffee shops, dating expert Nick Savoy has seen a lot of pickups. He's also gotten pretty good at telling very early on which women are keepers—and who’s just going to be trouble.

7.  You’re her Ken doll

She’s only available when there's some networking event going on or there’s somewhere where she wants to see and be seen. But once you guys arrive, she spends half the time talking to other people. 

Fixable? It might not matter. If there are other interesting women at these events, make her your wingwoman. If there aren’t, consistently decline her invitations and suggest other plans. She’ll have no choice but to play ball or disappear.

8.  She’s a cheater

The best way to predict whether a woman is going to cheat is whether she’s cheated before. It seems obvious, but few men pay attention. Most guys focus on where their girlfriend is and who she’s with, which aren’t even the second most important factors.

Fixable? Not really. If you’re a betting man, you can take a chance that she’s changed. Sometimes you’ll be right. But I’m a betting man too–and I’d take the other side of that bet 10 times out of 10.

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