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10 Ways to Know It’s Time to Let Her Go

In helping men improve their chances with women in bars, clubs, and coffee shops, dating expert Nick Savoy has seen a lot of pickups. He's also gotten pretty good at telling very early on which women are keepers—and who’s just going to be trouble.

9.  She brings you down

There’s always something wrong. If she can’t complain about anything in her life, she’ll tell you about something awful that happened to her friend.

Fixable? If she’s actually depressed, encourage her to get treatment, like you would any sick person. Otherwise, no. Our research has shown that you are very much the product of the five people who you spend the most time with. Why would you want to add so much negativity to that mix?

10.  She’s a drama queen

There’s no man in the world who doesn’t understand exactly what another man means when he says, “She’s crazy.” Usually, it means she’s a drama queen. She can’t exist without attention, and she’s unpredictable and seems to love conflict. She acts like she’s the main character of a movie.

Fixable? No. Some women are just like this. A lot of men don’t seem to mind. Let one of those guys be with her instead.

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