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25 Real Women on the Sexiest Body Part in a Man

From your glutes to your abs, your smile to your brain, women reveal the male anatomy they lust over the most.

If you make eye contact with a girl on the street, you're on a first date, or sitting with a girl you've been dating or married to for years, have you ever wondered what draws (or drew) her to you the most, physically? If you're getting checked out on the subway or train (trust us, you are) is she assessing your shoulders, or pulling a card from your book and checking out how you look in your jeans? What part of the male anatomy does a woman fantasize about the most, or go crazy over when you're face-to-face, chest-to-chest between the sheets? These are all questions we wanted answers to. So we did the obvious thing. 

We asked 25 women from different backgrounds, birthplaces, and lifestyles to reveal the parts of a man they love the most. Depending on the woman, the sexiest part of your body is something you were born with or honed in the gym. And, yes, while there are some obvious choices, some ladies have preferences that might surprise you. They certainly surprised us.

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“The abdominal V because you know where it leads.” – Alexa P.

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“I’m all about the full body package, but if I had to choose a body part I’d have to say arms or glutes. They’re hard to hide, and when they’re bigger, it’s a hell of a lot better.” - Christina S.  

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“Big, toned arms and back make me feel like he’s going to snuggle the s*** out of me, and I’ll feel like a dainty human.” – Sarah G.

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“Hands. When a guy has strong hands, it shows he can handle things well—literally and figuratively.” – Julia C. 

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“I would say his smile. A banging body is great, but nothing makes me melt like a nice smile.” – Sam M. 

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“A large upper body—toned back, shoulders, and arms. I like a man who has the power to lift me up. After that it’s a strong jaw line.” – Carly G. 

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“Eyes are a huge source of sex appeal for me. A connection can start right from there.” – Liz C.  

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“I’m a fan of the booty. I don’t know why…well, I do.” – Anna M. 

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“The V. I don’t know why, but the abs V is so sexy.” – Lauren L.

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“His smile. That always catches my eye first and I can weirdly read a guy through his smile. Plus, it’s always that much better to have a guy that smiles and is happy.”” – Rachel F. 

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“His chest. A dude can be jacked everywhere else, but if he doesn’t have nice pecs to use as a pillow, it doesn’t even matter. Also, I’m weirdly in love with nice calves.” – Lauren M. 

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“Arms. Not super scary jacked arms, just nice, toned, strong arms that can throw me around a bit (in a good way). – Sarah H. 

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“Back muscles. The whole damn thing.” – Brigid M. 

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“Hands. You can tell a lot about a guy by looking at his hands.” – Heather A. 

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“Arms. The bigger, the better to pick you up with.” – Brittany S. 

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“Simple equation: Toned arms + abs = hot.” – Nickole M. 

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“I like a nice butt…just like guys love ‘em on women.” – Vanessa P. 

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“When the back of the forearm is defined enough that you can see it flexing during regular, menial activities. Not so big that he’s clearly a meathead who is in the weight room 24/7.” – Athena L. 

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“Toned arms are really hot. Beefy is gross. And then I'd say butt. A nice firm butt is so hot.” – Romena I. 

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“I think pronounced jaw lines are so sexy. That and big muscular arms.” – Danielle C. 

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“I have a huge attraction to shoulders and arms, because who doesn’t love to snuggle into nice arms?” – Jessica S.

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“I love a good smile, especially when he’s got nice teeth.” – Eliza J.B.  

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“I love guys who have well-built upper bodies. I’m a tall girl so I don’t want to dwarf him. But if we’re talking about the sexiest body part, then I’m gonna have to go with the ab V. I mean, anatomically speaking, it literally draws your eyes down... it's begging to be stared at." – Kirsten A. 

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“#1 is his smile! It’s the first thing I notice on a guy.” – Danielle M.

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“Can I go the potentially cheesy route and say their brain/mind? I love a fit guy who takes care of himself, but there’s nothing sexier than someone who can challenge me mentally.” – Jennifer M. 

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