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4 Reasons to Never Buy a Woman a Drink

Plus the one time it's OK to ignore these rules.
4 Reasons to Never Buy a Woman a Drink

"Can I buy you a drink?"

Put these six words together and you get the world’s most-used pick-up line. And probably the oldest one, too—our cavemen ancestors, not to mention apes, offered food and drink to females as part of a mating ritual.

Our biology might not have changed much since caveman days, but the dating world has. It’s time to retire that line, and learn the new rules of when it’s OK (and not OK) to buy a woman a drink.

Nick Savoy is a dating coach for men, whose system has been proven on the Dr. Phil Show, the Tyra Banks Show and ABC Nightline. He is also a frequent contributor to Men’s Fitness. Follow him on twitter @LS_Savoy.


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