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5 Reasons Nice Guys Date Awful Women

Are you attracted to high-maintenance women?

Too Much Media

In a world that glamorizes the likes of the Kardashians and so-called “real” housewives to the status of sex symbols, it’s no wonder guys are confused. While a pro-porn clinician and feminist, Dr. Britton sees a disturbing tendency in some younger men to regard media and porn examples as “real relationships on display,” when in truth, they are not real relationships at all.

“Young men who are isolated and alone think that this is how real women behave, and that this is how real intimate relationships may be formed,” she explains, especially with regard to porn. “Without the social and developmental steps they need to meet girls, find out how girls relate, and discover real means for communication, watching porn as a replacement for real relating to the opposite sex can be damaging and lead to the formation of toxic inauthentic relationships … In porn, women who like sex are ‘hungry bitches’ who act horribly toward men. So, this may become a real expectation for immature men thinking that’s how they will get sex. Sad, but true.”

She adds, the brave new world of “cyber-everything” has only exacerbated the problem, citing that what may “feel” or “appear” to be real relationships—even friendships, such as your Facebook friends—are built on pseudo-intimacy. “Many men spend far too many hours alone watching media, being isolated, lacking social and sexual development skills,” she notes, “and as a result, form false expectations for relationships. When they attempt to find a ‘real woman,’ they look in the wrong places for the ‘bad girl,’ who turns out to be a disaster—nasty and toxic.” (Or Kardashian…)

Oedipus Wrecks

It’s “Mommy” issues. Men (and women) who grow up in dysfunctional families are often doomed to recreate negative behaviors in an attempt to heal the deep-seated hurt that arises from neglect, indifference, or worst-case scenario, abuse. All children deserve to be loved, however, some sperm and egg donors are not capable of imparting that emotion—and yet, they reproduce. The result is often offspring who grow up looking for approval that they are never going to find. Our advice? Seek therapy, and do not procreate with a bitch, lest you consign your children to the same fate.

It’s the Sex, Dummy

Like their AKC counterparts, some bitches just want to get laid, and when they’re in heat, emotional collateral damage is the last thing on their minds. If she can suck the whitewall off a tire, has a nymphomanical appetite, and the sexual stamina of a warren of Energizer Bunnies, your pal (or you) may be so come-addled, he doesn’t give a damn that his woman’s a bitch. The bad news: his balls may soon go the way of the dodo. The good news: at least they won’t be blue.


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