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5 Tips for Finding and Dating a Fit Girl

Meet a woman who cares about fitness as much as you do.

3. Sit still and stare at your screen…

…but only for long enough to put yourself in the path of attractive, fit women.

You track your workouts, right? And maybe your meals, too? If you’ve been using pen-and-paper or even a spreadsheet at home, it’s time to upgrade to one of the millions of apps out there. Many have social networking features, and on a couple apps I use, I see a ton of flirting and introductions being made by attractive singles. 

What’s more, in these apps you’re not dealing with the usual online dating ambiguity of wondering what she really looks like. Users usually track their progress, so you’ll probably see her current measurements, regular full-body photos, and maybe her one-rep max, should you really need to know.

If you’re not using social media to enhance your dating life, you’re missing out.



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