6 Engagement Questions Answered

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6 Engagement Questions Answered

What you need to know about popping the question.

If every girl in your girlfriend’s friend group is getting married, she might be feeling a little left out and just want a wedding of her own to plan. You know her best, though—so do you think it's wise to get married now? Would you be doing it for the right reasons?

If you’ve been together for six years, practically finish each other’s sentences, and know there’s no way either of you could ever be with anyone else, it’s probably time to put a ring on it. Just remember, though, marriage is supposed to be a forever kind of thing (as in, coming home to the same person every day for the next 70 years), so if you're not sure you're ready to make that sort of lifetime commitment, wait until you are. If that person truly loves you and your relationship is in a good place, there should be no rushit's not like anyone's going anywhere!

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