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7 Pick-Up Lines to Never Use

They're innocent enough—but also ineffective.

When I tell guys that I am a dating coach for Love Systems and that I help men meet and attract women, the first question I usually get is: “What’s your best pick-up line?”

This misses the point a little bit. There’s no such thing as a perfect pick-up line that will get you the girl. All you can do with an opener is start the conversation on the right foot. But there are terrible pick-up lines that guarantee that you won’t get the girl. Stay away from these seven.

Terrible Pick-Up Line #1: “I’m sorry to bother you, but…” or “Excuse me…”

She’s at a bar or a party. She’s there to meet people. She’s not at work trying to do a difficult math problem. So just go talk to her.

If you act like you’re bothering her, she is more likely to feel like you’re bothering her.  This has broad implications, by the way. Act like she’s attracted to you and she’s more likely to actually be attracted. 

In addition, approaching her this way implies that you have a history of women being bothered by your presence.

Be polite, sure. But not apologetic.

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