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7 Pick-Up Lines to Never Use

They're innocent enough—but also ineffective.

Terrible Pick-Up Line #2: “Can I buy you a drink?”

Let me be clear. If you’re already talking to a woman, even for just a minute or two, and you order a drink, it’s polite to offer to get her one too. Especially the first one. But these should never be the first words out of your mouth. If you do that, you’re implying that there needs to be some added bonus for her to want to talk to you. High-value men seldom approach women in this way, so you’ve already ruled yourself out of that category in just your first six words.

Similarly, don’t ever approach a woman offering something cheesy like to show her a magic trick. Don’t be a dancing monkey.

Terrible Pick-Up Line #3: Anything you’ve ever seen on TV

If she thinks you’re just giving her a line, she’s likely to be turned off. (The situation can be saved though – if she does accuse you of delivering a line, then smile and agree with her. Tell her your mom gave it to you and ask how it worked. She’ll laugh, and then change the subject.)

So skip “Do you come here often?” and “Have we met before?” and other cheesier lines. Unless you can deliver them in an ironic tone. If you drop a half-dozen cheesy pick-up lines in a row in a way that shows you’re having  fun and amusing yourself and not taking them seriously, she might be amused and think you are a cut above other guys.

Terrible Pick-Up Line #4: “Hey, ladies!”

Women want to be liked for their unique qualities, not just because they happen to be female. If you’re going to be direct, then have a reason why you approached her beyond her gender. E.g., “I saw you from over there and thought you had a really great energy and I’d be kicking myself all day if I didn’t come over to find out what you’re like. My name’s Nick.” 

Or, if you’re going to go under-the-radar, then don’t act like a cheesy pick-up artist – a “hi” or “hey guys” will suffice.  “Hey ladies” or “hey girls” is not under the radar at all, because you’re clearly conscious of their gender.

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