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7 Signs She Really Wants You

If she's guilty, there's a good chance she wants to be more than friends.

When it comes to moving from 'just friends' to dating, most men don’t know how to read a woman's signs. Worse yet, some guys embarrass themselves and see signals when there are none. 

For the unvarnished truth, we went to Love Systems' Nick Savoy, an expert on female psychology and dating, who offered up these seven signs she's game for being more than a friend.

1. She always returns your texts—and more quickly than you return hers

This all relates back to the basics of how to attract women through texting. You never want to seem over-eager, or invest a lot more than she does. “Investment” here can be measured in text message length, amount of emotional content, how many texts get responded to, and how quickly you answer her texts.

The same signals work in reverse. So if she's responding more quickly, more often, and with longer and more emotional messages than you are sending, there’s a decent chance that she’s interested in you.

2. She’s the last woman standing

While some women will proposition their friends (or at least drop hints), most tend to hang around, structure an opportunity for you to make a move, and see what you do.

So if your friend never seems to leave the party or the night on the town before you do, she’s probably into you—or she’s the world’s best "party friend." This counts double if she makes things happen such that the two of you will be alone at the end of the night (e.g. asking you for a ride home).

You can also test to see if she’ll accompany you on mundane tasks and errands. Ask her to keep you company while you go grocery shopping or drop off dry cleaning. If she does, she’s either got nothing to do or she really likes spending time with you.

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