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7 Signs She Really Wants You

If she's guilty, there's a good chance she wants to be more than friends.

3. There’s sexual tension where there wasn’t any before

When a friend wants you, there’s almost always some physical/sexual tension. This is different from when you’re attracted to someone you don’t know, where the first few steps are usually about spending time together and getting to know each other. But if you’re already friends, you’ve presumably done a lot of that already. Her wanting you means that she wants to take things to the next level.

If there’s more sex talk and sexual joking in her conversation with you than there was before, that might be her way of showing that she wants you. Similarly, if she starts dropping hints about how "it’s been a while," she might be signaling that she’s not currently sleeping with someone—and that it’s time to make your move.

4. She’s “touchier” with you

One thing we teach a lot at Love Systems is that “body language rarely lies." If she touches you more than she touches her other male friends (usually on the arm, shoulder, back, etc.), she might be showing her intentions. 

If she's starting to make those moves, use the “ping test." Touch her arm or hand when you make a point or tell a joke. Does she find an excuse to touch you back? Throw your arm around her playfully–does she seem uncomfortable, or does she curl in?

One warning: Some women don’t like to be touchy-feely in public, or where their friends can see them. Test this out somewhere private.

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