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7 Signs She Really Wants You

If she's guilty, there's a good chance she wants to be more than friends.

5. You’re funnier all of a sudden

A classic way for a woman to show she’s attracted to a man is to laugh at his jokes. Having a good sense of humor is important for meeting and attracting women anyway.

If she seems to laugh at little louder and more quickly at your jokes than she does with other guys in your social circle, she might be sending signals. Or your sense of humor just happens to appeal to her—and that's a good sign, too.

6. She’s randomly up-to-date about your life

She follows you on Facebook and “liked” you status update about getting off work early. She commented that your new profile photo looks great. When you run into her, she asks you how that new sushi restaurant was—because you posted last week that you were going to check it out. This is the social media equivalent of making eye contact at a party, and it’s just as good of a sign of her interest.

It doesn’t have to be online. Does she notice every time you have a haircut or get a new outfit? Does she ask you how your date went last Thursday? If she’s not typically like that, it means that she’s paying attention to you.

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7. She tries to set you up with another woman

This seems illogical to the male brain, but often a woman who has a crush on you will try to set you up with someone else—especially if she’s seen you a bunch of times and you haven’t made a move yet.

Regardless of the situation, be flattered if this happens. It means she sees you as being attractive enough to stake her own reputation on. And if your friend is single, it’s almost always a good sign if she’s interested in your dating life—even if she’s supposedly trying to set you up with someone else.

Nick Savoy is president of Love Systems and has helped thousands of “average guys” attract and date beautiful women. Follow him on twitter at @LS_Savoy.



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